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Government and Municipal Law

East Front of United States CapitolJimmy King and the KING LAW FIRM, PC, are pleased and honored to represent several towns in South Carolina. Currently, we serve as legal counsel for the towns of Honea Path and Pelzer, as well as the Donalds-Due West Water & Sewer Authority.

Municipal Law is the law specific to a particular city or county (known legally as a “municipality”), and the government bodies within those cities or counties. This can cover a wide range of issues, including everything from police power, zoning, and property taxes.

Terms to Know

  • Bylaws: A set of rules by which a municipality conducts its business. Bylaws tend to govern activities such as meetings, votes, record taking, and budgeting.
  • Land Use: Otherwise known as zoning, land use laws govern the purposes for which land may be used.
  • Municipal Charter: A municipality’s founding document.
  • Municipal Corporation: The legal structure assigned to a municipality which allows it to buy and sell property, and sue or be sued.
  • Police Power: The legal term for the ability to use police to regulate the behavior of a municipality’s residents.
  • Ordinance: The technical term for the “law” issued by a municipality.

Most attorneys who handle municipal law cases are hired by the municipalities themselves. The attorneys may even work as full-time counsel for the cities, which means that the attorney works for that particular city exclusively.

Local city or town councils are primarily responsible for creating municipal law. Since council members are elected from the town’s residents, local residents have great control over municipal law, which can vary greatly between municipalities. If you believe you have a municipal law issue, be sure to consult an attorney familiar with the ordinances in your area.

We have more than 35 years of experience representing towns and other government entities. Please contact our office if you have questions and need representation for your government and municipal law needs.

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